What We Do?

Innovate Australia operates industry innovation networks in fields as wide ranging as energy, medicine, the built environment, defence, life sciences, aged care, telecommunications, mining, manufacturing, space technology, and agriculture. Each year we hold over 20 events including several high profile Summits. Our innovative programs include:

  • The Innovate Australia Innovation Index
  • Industry Innovation Networks and events
  • State of Innovation Summits
  • Open Youth Access Program
  • State ‘Innovation Awards’ and Innovation Prize
  • Incubation and hosting of associations such as the Hydrogen Society of Australia
  • Innovation Cubes
  • Parliamentary Safaris
  • Innovation study tours

Our Goal

“Countries who embrace innovation this century will lead the world” – we want Australia to be the No #1 country in the world for innovation and we want ‘you’ to be part of it.