About Innovate Australia

Innovate Australia was established in 2014 to encourage, assist and proactively promote Australian innovation. The organisation works with industry to bring about and encourage innovation, to showcase innovation, and to develop innovative programs and innovation networks. It is a not for profit, independent facilitator with a wide national footprint.

Our Vision

The new vision of Innovate Australia (IA) is to be the primary Australian association to bring together the Innovation Funding Ecosystem to create an optimal pathway for entrepreneurs to access the knowledge and experts they require to help them grow towards long term commercial success. Entrepreneurs on their commercialisation journey are faced with endless challenges and decisions to be made in pursuit of the potential to grow their businesses. As they successfully grow their business, from fledgling ideas through the various stages of Startup to hopefully become a scale-up and long term commercial success story, they require access to people as either internal staff or external consultants and service providers.

How Do You Get Involved?

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It requires people to act and to put their great ideas into practice. And it comes from looking outside the box and interacting with new people with different ideas. You can be the next great Australian innovator. Come along to one of our many interesting events. Join one of our innovation networks. Tell us about your innovation successes.

Reach out to us and join us in making Australia the No.1 country in the world for innovation.