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Innovation Conversation

Current Projects


Australian Innovation Index

An annual ranking of Australian states and territories by their capacity for, and success in, innovation.

Open Youth Access

Open Youth Access is designed to give selected young people free access to academic, business and industry conferences.


An annual national students’ competition engaging teachers, students and their families where young people from across Australia present their best new inventions, projects and ideas.

Hydrogen Society of Australia

Hydrogen Society of Australia is an initiative of Innovate Australia.

Hydrogen Highway

Hydrogen Highway is an initiative of Innovate Australia.
Hall of fame v2-2.jpg

Australian Innovation Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame is an essential means of commemorating human achievement, celebrating the successes of the past and providing an inspirational roadmap to the future.

Upcoming Events

This is the list of Innovate Australia's future events (dates to be confirmed a few weeks before each event):